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Getting Started

Congratulations on deciding to enroll in a class to train your dog!  Your dog is a member of your family and investing the time to train her will ensure that she lives within the limits and boundaries that successful dog owners set for their pets. Regardless of your dog's breed, size, or age, he can benefit from good leadership, household rules, exercise, and training. Whether your training goal is to have a high-scoring obedience competitor or a dog that is a well-behaved family member, the key to success is strengthening the bond you share with your dog.  

If you have a new puppy, we encourage you to sign up for our Star Puppy Class. Star Puppy Class helps puppies get off to a good start with their new family and lays the foundation for future training.  

Our Beginning Obedience Class is appropriate for dogs who have completed Star Puppy Class or are at least 9 months in age. It is also for adult dogs who have not had any prior training and for those who may have taken a previous Beginners class but need to practice and perfect their beginner skills with distractions in a group setting. In Beginning Obedience we focus on the basic skills and manners your dog needs at home and in the community. Beginning Obedience teaches your dog to follow basic commands on-leash (sit, down, stay) as well as teaching your dog to come when called. Most importantly, Beginning Obedience will help you ensure that your dog is reliable in the presence of other people and animals.

Fun-dations - Incorporates games with shaping and reward based training techniques to help you and their dog prepare for a positive, lifelong relationship as a pet and/or performance team. You and your dog will learn skills to help you build confidence and increase your potential for success in canine sports and other events. Your dog should have basic obedience skills and be comfortable working around other dogs prior to enrolling in Fun-dations.

Please read registration information and vaccination requirements prior to enrolling.

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