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Fun-dations Class Description

This class uses games with shaping and rewards to help strengthen communication between dog and handler. The purpose is to develop a positive relationship with the dog, enhancing the lifelong bond we enjoy with our pets. The skills learned in this class will help confidence in both dog and handler, while creating the foundation to succeed in other events. Here is what you and your canine friend will learn in this class:

  • Impulse control - Teaching your dog to have self-control can be useful in many situations! Impulse control helps your dog to wait patiently for things that he really wants. It can also help him learn to stay calm when exciting things happen. Impulse control is a wonderful and simple behavior to teach any dog.

  • Body awareness - Dogs need to learn where all four feet are at all times and to maneuver on all types of terrain and over obstacle.

  • Crate use - Your dog will learn to love his crate with the games we play in Fun-dations.  He will learn to go to his crate on cue and stay in his crate until released; with practice, he will do this even with the crate door open.  No more bolting from the crate when you try to open the crate door and put his leash on!  

  • Warm-up/cool down - Proper warm-up/cool-down, like with humans, helps prevent injury. Make sure to target the muscles your dog will be using in the exercise, to help them be as healthy as possible.

  • Flatwork - The foundation to agility. Teach your dog to respond to physical cues building confidence and communication.

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