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Vaccination Documentation

Vaccinations: Bring your shot records with you
Proof of vaccination required no later than the first class. Puppy and beginners class the shot record must have been received by the second class, since the first class is without dogs. Dogs will not be allowed in the building without proof of vaccines.
Puppies must be at least ten weeks old and must have two shots in the puppy series of vaccinations prior to the first session with dogs. Adults must have Distemper, Parvo and Rabies vaccinations or proof of current titers

Acceptable Vaccination Records:

  • A copy of the Veterinary Vaccination Record

  • A completed TMDTC Owner-Administered Vaccination Record (downloadable PDF file at the bottom of this page)

  • A copy of the dog's titer panel with approved titer levels for immunity.  If the titer panel does not state acceptable level for immunity, a Veterinary written approval is required.


We strongly recommend you take photos of your vaccination paperwork and keep it in your phone, so you always have it. ​This falls in line with the American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Owners pledge that you should have your dog's shot records available and with you anytime you are out in public with your dog.  Each time, every time. 

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