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Price Per Class Session

Each class is 7 weeks long. Fees are paid upon registration for the course.

You must agree to Terms and Conditions when registering, including a Liability Waiver.

Regular - $150

First time a dog and handler team are taking the course


Repeat - $120

Any repetition of a course with the same handler/dog team


Senior or Veteran - $120

For teams where the handler is over 60 years old or a veteran of the United States Armed Services.


Junior - $35

For teams where the handler is a junior member of either 4-H or a certified AKC Junior handler

(Junior handlers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Payment Methods

You may register and pay online with a credit card. If you wish to pay with cash, check, or voucher please see details on the How to Register page.


Class registration is only available in the weeks leading up to the start of a class session. Please watch the announcements on the website and follow the Club on Facebook to receive updates regarding registration dates.

Please Note: Cash, check, or coupon reservations will be honored pending receipt of cash/check/coupon until one week prior to the end of on-line reservations. At that time, any unpaid cash/check/coupon class reservations will be released and made available for on-line registrations.

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