Terms and Conditions

When checking out through the online shopping cart you will be required to accept the posted Terms and Conditions. Accepting during the checkout process is equivalent to signing agreement to the following policies.

This includes the current Liability Waiver, COVID-19 Policies and Procedures, and Refund Policy. These are availablie on the Terms and Conditions page. Please read them.

Registration Dates and Payment

For 2020 Session 4, Public Registration opens the morning of Saturday July 18th.

Opening registration is still a manual process, there is no set time that it will be done. It is dependent upon the availability and ability of the Webmaster. The goal is always to have it open by 9am.

NOTE: At this time the Board has elected to not accept cash or check payments. Please complete all registration online.

Discount Codes

In order to receive a Discount on the class price you will need to input a Discount Code in the Shopping Cart prior to clicking the Checkout button. You will find this option on the lower right of the cart, below the list of classes you are preparing to register in. Please see Class Costs for more information on pricing.

NOTE: You can only use one Discount Code per transaction. For example, registering as a Senior for yourself and also registering a Junior Handler you will need to do so in two separate transactions.

Current Discount Codes

  • Senior Discount - $99 per Class

    • SeniorHandler


  • Junior Discount - $25 per class

    • Must be 4-H or AKC certified

    • JuniorHandler


  • Repeat a Class - $99 per class

    • RepeatClass


- All discount codes are subject to change without notice. -

Including Information on your Dog

During checkout you will be asked to include your dog's name and breed. This is to help the instructors prepare for class, it is different to prepare for a class full of Great Danes than it is to prepare for a class of Yorkies! You only need to give your dog's call name, not pedigree name.

If you are registering for more than one dog, please indicate which dog is taking which class.

For example: Asher Mini Schnauzer in Agility and Doolin Coton de Tulear in Rally.

This way we can be sure to have the rosters correct for the instructors. Thank you.