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The Therapy Dog training class prepares teams by practicing behaviors, handling & socialization skills needed for evaluation by a national registry of therapy dogs,specifically Alliance of Therapy Dogs & Love on a Leash. The goal of this class is to prepare for volunteering at local facilities & individuals requesting therapy dog teams. Successful completion can result in evaluation by one of the therapy dog organizations. During class, dogs gain experience in a variety of settings including medical & child centered facilities and a variety of situations requesting pet therapy services.

  • Prerequisites: Dog is at least 1 year old and Dogs must demonstrate reliable obedience skills or Dog Therapy Instructor approval. (Jr Handler – 4H/AKC jr. handlers must be with a Parent (simultaneously). Review specifics in guidelines below.

  • Equipment: 4ft leash, harness & gentle leader allowed. (no prong collars) 

  • If possible, study the guidelines to membership for each of the 2 groups tested locally. 

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*Requirements for junior handlers vary for the national certification groups. Alliance of Therapy Dogs requires jr. handlers to be 12-17, have parent/guardian supervision and be accompanied by a certified Alliance of Therapy Dogs handler with or without a dog. Jr Handlers may accompany a T/O on a visit prior to beginning the evaluation. Love on a Leash requires teams be 16-18 & accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a certified member in good standing.

Therapy Dog Class

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