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This class develops search drive and motivation to work, odor recognition and a clear focused response behavior for both Nosework and Barn Hunt. Our goal is a happy dog that will not only efficiently and methodically search for and identify target odors in a variety of environments and situations, but WANTS to work and play with their handler.  There are no pre-requisites for this class.  Dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age to participate.  

Scent Work 101 uses birch as the target odor and will help prepare your dog for a birch ORT (Odor Recognition Test)  under NACSW and / or Novice Container searches at AKC Scent Work trials.  


Orientation - for Scent Work 101 (first night of class)Dogs should not be brought to the first class. The first class of each seven week session is an Orientation Class that is done without your dogs.  Be sure to bring a copy of your payment and shot records.  For the safety of all of our dogs, no dogs are allowed the building without current shot records.

Nosework 101 Class

SKU: NW101
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