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This class is intended for experienced nose work teams who want additional practice finding hides and who want to hone their team skills. There will be between two and four search areas each class. The search areas will vary, depending on the location, between containers, buried, interior, and exterior hides. The location will vary so the teams can practice searching in commercial settings, parks, schools, and the TMDTC facility. This class is geared towards group participation where students can learn from each other on the best methods to train corner hides, inaccessible hides, high hides, and other nose work challenges. However, teams may choose to show up, do their searches, and leave.  The first class will meet at the TMDTC facility. After the first class, teams will be contacted by a class coordinator who will provide the next week’s training location.

Nosework 201 Class

SKU: NW201
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