Times: Wed @ 5:30pm, or Wed @ 7pm

Dates: 7/29 - 9/9

Instructors: Thea Tsurumoto and Erna Slingland

Location: 60 Margarita Ct Reno 89511


*Please note:  more teams have been invited than there are openings.*


This is the only Agility Class offered this session at TMDTC as our  ability to hold Agility classes in our facility at this time created numerous challenges for Agility.  Gail Contreras graciously offered to host 2 AG201/handling classes for us at her home in south Reno, thus giving us the ability to get you outside on grass for some handling training.  The focus of Agility 201 is skill development for you as a handler.  The obstacles used will be jumps, tunnels, and an occasional set of weaves.  Contacts will not be used in this class.  Please remember to bring a crate, chair, water, and a mask; we will be practicing AKC Trial protocol throughout the class.


• Classes will be held outside, on grass.
• We will be learning/following AKC COVID
Best Practices for Agility Trials.
• Please bring a mask. It will be needed to access the restroom. We will also practice wearing them around our dogs (Current AKC trials are requiring the wearing of a mask except while running your dog or at your vehicle)
• You will also need: a crate, chair, water, and training treats.

Agility 201 Classes

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