New Location Information

The new location is 1901 Silverada Blvd, Unit #6, Reno, NV 89512. It is behind the SAK’N SAVE Grocery Store in North Reno Plaza. It has a large Red, White, and Blue garage door.

The lease was signed in late December, 2020 and TMDTC paid the security deposit. The owner has allowed two months for cleanup and fix-up (Mid-January through Mid-February) where TMDTC will not pay rent. The lease for our current location ends 31 April, 2021. The current plan is to move in between Session 2 and Session 3.

The new location has over twice the square footage as our current building and cost about the same since TMDTC will not have to rent a separate storage locker ($150 a month) or pay for the dog potty spot ($75 per month).

TMDTC will have approximately 7,800 sq ft of usable training space. The two main training areas which are adjacent and are divided only by three pillars are approximately 70’ X 50’, big enough for two full size rally or obedience rings. When the two areas are combined, they could support a full size ACT I or ACT II agility ring.

The Board approved the expenditure of funds to paint the interior of the building. The painting and sheetrock repair will start Monday, 17 January.

Floor plan sketch is below (roughly to scale):

Printable size PDF of the floorplan: