Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club
Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club
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The TMDTC is totally administered and run by volunteer members, who put in endless hours of time.


Bill Long - Vice President

Hi, my name is Bill Long and I have been around dogs my entire life. As a child we had a mixed breed dog, several German shepherds, and later a Pomeranian. Most recently I own and train a German shepherd dog named Steinhund von Fuenf Bergspitzen, a.k.a. Rocky.

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I served in the US Army for 30 years in the Military Police Corps. During that time, I was impressed with the versatility of the military working dogs and the remarkable things they could accomplish. At one time while assigned to US Army Europe, I was responsible for over 120 military working dog teams scattered throughout Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungry, and Bosnia. They were utilized as patrol dogs, narcotics detection dogs, bomb stiffing dogs, and sentry dogs. When I retired from the Army my wife decided I needed something to keep me out of her hair so we got a dog, “Rocky”.

Rocky is now about 3 years old. He comes from working dog lines and loves to stay busy. He has completed his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Caine (CGCA), Urban Canine (CGCU), and Herding Instinct tests. He is a registered Therapy Dog (THDA) with over 150 visits to hospitals. Rocky has also received his AKC Novice Obedience (CD) and Rally Advanced (RA) titles. He has a good nose and likes do barn hurt, tracking, and nose-work. He has received his Barn Hurt Open (RATO) title. In his spare time, Rocky is training with the local county sheriff’s office to help develop his “Schutzhund” skills, taking agility classes, learning to pull a cart, and working on his sheep herding skills.

Ronda Olk - Recording Secretary

Hi, my name is Ronda Olk and I have been involved with Labrador Retrievers in some fashion for almost 30 years. I bred, trained and showed exclusively with Talimar Labradors in Northern California.

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Over the years I have mostly been involved with conformation showing, but a few years ago, Morris came into our lives, we compete with him in Rally and he is now working as a Therapy dog. We recently got a new dog, another black Lab, Smithy, he is my conformation dog and he loves the ring! We are looking forward to show season where I will show him in conformation and Jill will show him in Rally!

Cathie Rossman - Corresponding Secretary

I have been involved in the sport of pure-bred dogs since 1984. I thought Junior Showmanship would be a good challenge for our daughter. We lived in San Francisco at the time so with list in hand, we headed off to the Cow Palace for the Golden Gate Kennel Club All-Breed “benched” dog show. There were over 2,500 dogs in one location all day for two days on display with owners and breeders there to answer questions, and show off their dogs.

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Our children’s babysitter had Irish Setters (way too hyperactive for me – I always pictured “Big Red” from the Disney movie, not). She suggested we look at the Belgian Sheepdogs. We got on the waiting list (last in line) for a litter soon to be bred. Robin and Amos blessed their breeder with 6 puppies – 3 boys and 3 girls. The breeder was hoping for a nice combination of calm, mellow Robin and bouncy, gregarious Amos; like mixing white with black and getting gray. Welcome to the wonderful world of dogs – 6 gorgeous wild and crazy black fuzzy balls – no calm, no mellow. But they all had brains! Sailor was way too much for a 10 year-old Junior Handler at 26.5” tall and 75 pounds of solid muscle. He proved to be quite a challenge even for me. But I was hooked on the brains and beauty of this amazing breed.

Fast forward to 2007. A litter was planned in Texas (I HATE TO FLY) with his pedigree on the Sire’s side and great genes on the Dam’s side. Three flights to Dallas, and I flew home with Maverick – GCH Spitfire’s Gentleman Gambler BN CD RE PT HSAs CGC TT HT-g (AHBA) HIC FMD (BSCA). After 25 years of Conformation showing, I had a dog that could and wanted to do anything I asked of him as long as we were doing it together. I discovered Rally, and we were pretty good at it. I was deathly afraid of competitive Obedience. When my local trainer moved out of state in 2011, I looked for a place to continue training in Rally and try Obedience, so I joined Truckee Meadows, and the rest as they say is history. With the help and encouragement of the great training staff here at Truckee Meadows, “We have come a long way baby” in the last 5 years (as noted by the alphabet soup after his name). I am now training the “New Shooter Coming Out” (craps table lingo), Maverick’s son, TakiShan Shoot the Moon at MonVieux, “Shooter,” a chip off the old block with the fire and frenzy of the 1984 version.

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Gail Contreras

Native San Franciscan, graduates from UNR, moves around the country with her husband, son & daughter, for 35 years and finally settles back in Reno. Along the way her life was always shared with dogs. And two cats.

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She dabbled in obedience in 1963 when she got her little poodle, but didn’t step into a dog show ring again until 1998 when her family was adopted by a Vizsla, with a show contract! Since then, Gail has bred a few litters, finished a few champions, done a bit of bird work, spent time visiting in nursing homes, followed her dogs around the rally ring and they have followed her around the obedience ring.

Concentration and anticipation has been her dog training mantra, since being handed down to her from an old bird dog trainer. That, and not leaving any food on the counters. And, though you won’t see it in her hand often, she loves clicker training. Bottom line, go play with your dogs!!!